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Acetic acid Glacial

                                             Acetic acid Glacial 99.6%

Description: Colourless transparent liquid;pungent odor,miscible with water,alcohol,ether and carbon tetrachloride; insoluble in carbon disulfide.


Acetic acid content                           99.6%min

Chromaticity(in Hazen)(Pt-Co)             10max

Moisture                                           0.15%max

Formic acid content                          0.06%max

Aldehyde content                             0.03%max

Vaporized residue                            0.01%max

Iron content (based on Fe)              0.00004%max

Reduction time of potassium permanganate    30min

Application: Manufacture of acetic anhydride,vinyl acetate,widely used in solvents,dyes,celluloseacetate,pharmaceuticals,in-socticides,textile printing,photographic film and coagulating rubber ect.

Package: 25KG polydrum or as per requested

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