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Basic chrome sulphate

                                                                      Basic Chromium Sulphate 

Synonyms: Chromic Sulfate 

H. S. CODE: 28332920 

CAS No.: 39380-78-4 

Molecular formula: Cr(OH)SO4 

Property: Basic chromium sulphate is available in bright green powder with high tanning properties. The product is dried with most sophisticated steam drum drier which does not allow material to be overheated. It is not toxic and has better solubility. 

Application: The main application is making chrome tanned leather, insolubilizing proteins and other organic substances.



Item Unit Specification
Appearance -- Dark-green powder
Content ( Cr2O3) % 24-26
Basicity % 32-34
FE % 0.1 Max
Moisture % 0.1 Max
PH -- About4.5

Package: 25KG pp woven bag


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