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Sodium sulphide yellow / red

Sodium Sulphide Red / Yellow Flake

Product name: Sodium Sulphide/Sodium Sulfuret flake
CAS No.: 1313-82-2
Molecular formula: Na2S

Appearance: Thin flakes, yellow or red, soluble water, presenting strong alkaline solution, easily oxidized when exposed to air, poison.

Application: Used as making sulphur dyestuff intermediate reducer, mordant, flotation agent, depilatory for leather, digestion auxiliary in paper-making also widely used in pigment and rubber industry, etc.

Packing: In 25kg plastic woven bags, or jumbo bag

1. Sodium Sulphide red flake
1)Purity: 60% min
2)Fe: 1500ppm
3)Na2CO3: 5% max
4)Water Insoluble: 0.4% max

2. Sodium Sulphide yellow flake
1)Purity: 60% min
2)Fe: 150ppm, 50ppm and 30ppm.
3)Na2CO3: 2% max
4)Water Insoluble: 0.2% max

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