Zinc Oxide

Zinc Oxide 99.5% Specifications:
1.Appearance: pure white powder
2.Assay (ZnO): 99.5 min
3.Lead (Pb): 0.05% max
4.Copper (Cu): 0.0004% max
5.Manganese (Mn): 0.0001% max
7.Acid-Insoluble Substance : 0.008% max
8.Water Soluble portion : 0.10% max
9.Sieve Finese (45μm): 99.85% pass



Zinc Oxide 99.7% Specifications :
1.Appearance: pure white powder
2.Assay (ZnO): 99.7 min
3.Lead (Pb): 0.0370% max
4.Copper (Cu): 0.0002% max
5.Manganese (Mn): 0.0001% max
6.Acid-Insoluble Substance: 0.006% max
7.Water Soluble portion : 0.10% max
8.Sieve Finese (45μm): 99.9% pass

Application:Accelerator activator, pigment, and reinforcing agent in rubber; oinment; pigment and mold growthe inhibitor in paints; ceramics; floor tile; glass; zinc salts (zinc stearate etc.) feed additive; semiconductor in electronic devices; electronic ceramics, raw material to produce zinc phosphate as steel coating

Properties: white powder; odorless; bitter taste; absorbs carbon dioxide from the air; has greatest ultraviolet absorption of all commercial pigments sp.gr.5.48; m.p.19750C; soluble in acids and alkalis; insobuble in water and alcohol. Noncombustible; nontoxic as powder.


Packing: 25kg or 50kg  woven bag pad inner plastic bag, 1000kg sack  or make packing as customer's requirment.

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